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American Pilot Academy (APA) is very pleased to train the Turkish/European/African and Asian based student aviators in conformity with both FAA and EASA/ICAO JAA Regulations, from ZERO to HERO. The number of students coming from Eastern regions have exceeded  100 and most of the students have joined our JAA and EASA ATP Programs. Approximately 115 students have been trained so far.

As APA, Our quality is our brand called as ” Accelerated Flight Training”

American Pilot Academy (APA) offers FAA/JAA and EASA  licenses in as little as 11 months. APA is the part of Association of Universities called UNIBIR, located in different parts of world. Mr. Umit OZTURK , who is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFII) at  Part 141 Flight School is a liaison personnel of  Flight Training. He represents American Pilot Academy (APA) in USA. He provides the required information and actual flight training with APA’s students to support  them in terms of  training related to FAA/EASA and JAA FCL ATPL Licenses. Here s a couple of advice for Foreign Student Pilots

“I have some advice on how to become a pilot. Becoming pilot is not easy, fast nor funny. I would like to remind you again Pilot Training requires full commitment, considerable interest, extraordinary struggle and dedicated work. One important reminder to our non-native students, ” your well-known challenge is EnglishProffiency in the initial stage of the training. In order to cope with this significant challenge,  APA’s proposal is to provide you with the initial stage of PPL (10 H)/IR (5H) Flight Training called as Initial Preparation Training (IPT). This training will be making you aware, informed and prepared about PPL/IR Subject Matters, including at least 15 Hours practical flight, 10 H. Simulator training before starting Flight School Training, The Purpose of IPT is to give you self confidence and better familiarization to Flight Terminology, Subject Matters, Regulations before starting the training at Flight School. This training will be given by APA’s Instructor Pilot, Umit OZTURK at Jacobs Flight Services located in both Pompano Beach and Clawiston. 

APA’s Motto : English is the primary element of Aviation, even more important than skill…So, English is an absolute MUST! Our aim is to give you self confidence in Pilot Training to make you a global pilot…

  Aviation offers science, freedom, beauty, adventure...

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