Our Instructors


Our Staff is highly-qualified FAA certified instructors. Our instructors have diverse backgrounds with excellent flight experience.

Our team of instructors are large enough to allow you flexibility in choosing the right flight instructor to fit your learning style and objectives. We will work with you to pair you with an instructor who will become a mentor in the cockpit and on the ground.

Orange Wings Aviation Academy® has an extraordinary staff of instructors to guide student pilots throughout their training. Instructors are from the U.S. and from countries worldwide; they are all experienced in training both domestic and international students. Instructors are also full-time, available to students seven days a week, not just on limited days or hours, as is the case with many other flight schools. This allows the highly motivated student to progress through training more quickly.

OWA® understands that the quality of the instructor is an important determinant of the success of the student pilot. Therefore, all instructors are carefully screened to ensure they are experienced professionals who have the ability to teach and communicate effectively to students. Instructors are regularly evaluated to assure continued high levels of teaching proficiency. Our instructors are also skilled at ascertaining students’ individual learning and motivational needs and coaching to maximize comprehension. All our instructors hold university degrees in Education and/or Aeronautical Studies. All are qualified to provide both flight and ground instruction.